11 October 2011

Thank You!

Hello There!
Hope you are all having a lovely day (despite the weather if you live in rainy Ireland!)
Thank you so much to those of you who sent me such lovely comments about Creative Christmas I will be back on Friday with some wonderful printables for your planner!
Thank you also to the very kind Ros who sent me these wonderful blocks for the Kind Stitches Bee
Ros has some lovely photos of what an English garden should look like in the autumn (unlike our rain-soaked field!!) - check it out here
Thank you again to those of you who have already or are the process of making some blocks. 
For those of you who have missed previous posts about the Kind Stitches Bee this is a bee which I have set up to make non-wadded quilts for children in a shelter in Thailand who have been rescued from sex-trafficking. My husband & I will be going at the end of November to provide some medical help for the children in the shelter & I would love to take your kindness & love with me for these wee souls. So, if you are able, it would be wonderful if you would consider making some blocks for the quilts. They can be of any design you like & finished size either 6.5" or 12.5". The only key thing is that they have a white border. If you would like any more information about the work we will be doing, or how you can help make these very special quilts I would love to hear from you!
So may I just say, once again:
PS I have just found out that my Scrappy Christmas Planner was featured to-day in Craft Gossip!! This is a fantastic site with loads of tutorial links. If you've never been, check it out here


  1. Wow, Ros! I love the colors you used! Karen, how is it coming along? Do you need more blocks?

  2. Congrats on being featured K! Looking forward to Sat. Jxo

  3. Blocks going to Judith and you can pick them up from her Sat.

  4. Hi Karen, Your mother just sent me the link to your blog. I love it! Gee, the handbags in the Sept post look very familiar... :-). I'll be back in NI the first full week of Nov. It would be great to get together. I'd love to see all your projects in person. Vivian

  5. Love Ros' blocks - such lovely colours!