23 October 2011

Gifts & giving from the 4 corners of the UK

Hello There!
Hope you have had a great Saturday. Despite the incessant rain, things over here on the North Coast of Northern Ireland were great! I guess that had something to do with this lot of lovelies which arrived from the North, the South, the East & the West:
First up are these wonderful blocks which came all the way from Glasgow:
Thanks very, very much Katy (thelittlestthistle) 
But it doesn't stop there.... Another parcel came from the west from Cindy (fluffysheepquilting) in Galway... Thanks very, very much Cindy! [Check out her hilarious adventures in free motion quilting!] 
The very lovely & very funny Hadley (flyingblindonarocketcycle) sent these wee wonders:
Aren't those wee squirrels gorgeous!
But it didn't stop there! McGinty's (our tibetian terrier) best bloggy friend Archie (archiethewonderdog) sent a wonderful package which contained all these goodies:
Helen & I decided to make 12.5" blocks so that those cute wee dinos will be seen - they look great!
If you get a moment, stop by & say hello to Archie... he's feeling a wee bit under the weather at the moment...
Thank you so much to you ladies & the rest of you who have/ are in the process of making blocks. If you are interested in the Kind Stiches Bee, do please check us out on flickr here or email me.... I'd love to hear from you! I'm off to Thailand on 18th November, so we've still got time to make some more quilts!
With all these gifts being sent to me, I decided to make a few gifts for friends myself. Here's some of the notebook covers I finished:
I also found loads of lovely FREE gift tag printables... so if you have a moment tomorrow, do stop by & I'll show you what I've found....
Hope you have a great evening!


  1. Everything is looking lovely! I got my blocks sent off a bit later than I had meant to (battling the 1st cold of the season - ugh!), but they should be there by the middle of the week, I hope! :-)

  2. So pleased you've been getting lots of blocks.

  3. Oh yay, glad they got there okay :o) Love that dino print too, how fun!

  4. I'm so glad your little blocks are arriving by the pile! Well done, Kind Stitchers :)
    Your little notebook covers are just adorable. I love the fabric you're using and the little details you're putting on - like the beads on the ribbon. They're just great!

  5. So pleased you're getting lots of blocks! The notebook covers look great!

  6. Isn't the blogging community so wonderful! So glad you've received lots more blocks. Hope to see more pics of finished quilts before you go. Jxo

  7. Yay for the blocks! It's been a pleasure to help xxx