27 October 2011

It isn't always raining....

Surprise, surprise! To-day it actually stopped raining long enough for me to get lots of washing dried outside & walk McGinty without us both getting soaked... and I even took some photos as proof!
The river was so peaceful
 And McGinty explored all the wee paths
The autumn colours were wonderful
Especially the sunlight on the ferns
Even McGinty enjoyed it!
When we got back home this was waiting for me
These travelled safely all the way across the Atlantic
And so did this lot of loveliness:
They are from Karen (nybird) & Leanne (shecanquilt).... Thanks very, very much. Hopefully by the end of the week you will see them featured in the new Kind Stitches quilts
Hope you have enjoyed a wee glimpse of life here in the North of Northern Ireland &, if its sunny with you, enjoy your sunshine!!
Take care


  1. Oh Karen... moments of nostalgia! There is path JUST like this by the River Eden below my sister's house in Cumbria that we walk with the labs when we visit - which is not nearly often enough, given the price of airfares from Australia! Thankyou so much for sharing, the autumn colours look wonderful and clearly McGinty is happy to be outdoors with you :)

  2. What a beautiful day and wonderful place to walk! I am glad the blocks made it to you in time, they look happy out on your line.

  3. McGinty is so cute! Your pictures are GORGEOUS! What a beautiful place to live. Looks like you got some fun packages in the mail. ;o) Love the blocks!

  4. Nothing like a good walk, and good mail - perfect day!

  5. Ah Ha! I was beginning to think rain was the only weather you got. But if it didn't rain so much, it wouldn't be so pretty.
    The pictures are beautiful, but you can't capture that wonderful smell of autumn

  6. Awesome mail! That's so great!
    The sun is out here too....go enjoy every bit of it. You don't know how long it will last ;)

  7. Are you sure that's a dog? He looks more like a portable rug ;o) I imagine he'd take quite a bit of washing if he investigated all the mud puddles too!

    Love the blocks

  8. the colours are fantastic at the moment arn't they!

  9. Gorgeous walk, McGinty looks so happy! He's such a cutie!