15 October 2011

Kind Stitches Bee Block Party

Hello There!
To-day was a wonderful day.. The lovely Judith Sarah drove for over an hour in the pouring rain up to the North Coast for our first Kind Stitches block party.
There was a lot of baking:
Careful planning:
 and pondering:
Loads of sewing (Annabelle & Dianne do you recognise anything in these pics????):

More pondering:
Some snoozing (Archie this one's for you!):
And lots of coffee and buns later, this was the result:
And here we are:
So thank you to the lovely Sarah & Judith, I hope you enjoy your gifts (I'm about to enjoy yours!)
Thank you also to:
And those of you who are in the process of making blocks.... I really appreciate it!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.... I'm off to look at my gorgeous gifts from Sarah & Judith (& watch the X Factor!)
PS I'm so sorry I forgot in all the Kind Stitches excitement to post the next installment of Creative Christmas I'll be back tomorrow with lots of lovely printables, I promise!


  1. Archie really appreciated the photo of McGinty - he said it's nice that he's not the only dog caught unawares and then paraded for all to see ;o) McGinty is such a cutie - please give him a cuddle (and a biscuit?!) from me! Looks like a great day - love the quilts you made - I'm determined that I'm going to make mine tomorrow, my machine has been cleaned and oiled in readiness!!

  2. In retrospect I'm beginning to wish we had planned layouts on the table rather than the floor - not an attractive angle for pics of me!! Thanks for a lovely day, lots of chat and yummy homebaked and homemade goodies. I hope that the children will be blessed by the gift of these lovely quilts.

  3. So sad I missed a great day - I thinking about you all! Hopefully I'll make it next time.

  4. Glad you all had a great day, I only made it as far as Worthing, and that was in the wrong direction to you xxx

  5. It looks like you had a great time AND created something beautiful. Well done. xx

  6. The quilts look brilliant and so glad you had a good day. Feet up and relax now!

  7. T'would have been nice to have joined in the fun but I had to go to work..... sadly :-(
    Love the quilts! Fabalush :-)

  8. what lovely quilts, they will be loved by their receipients. Hope you havn't woken up with a stiff back: that always happens to me!

  9. What funny pics, but the quilts look amazing! Thanks for a really wonderful day! Jxo

  10. What a beautiful peaceful room to work in...am I too late to send you some blocks. Would love to help. I could send them in a couple of days and they should be with you in a week. Let me know? The quilts look beautiful.


  11. What a wonderful gathering you hosted! The quilt tops look wonderful-- its so great of you to organize and bring them with you to Thailand. I recognize both of those mug rugs from the swap-- you are very lucky! (I've been to afraid to actually use mine, I've just been admiring them.) How sweet of you all to make gifts for each other, too!!

  12. Very cool, and love the dug! Pst, I sent you an e-mail about sending blocks to you, let me know, and I'll get them in the post tomorrow :o)

  13. Oh I just love these photos and seeing you ladies in action. I am glad to see I am not the only one who gets down on hunkers on the living room floor! The pooch is so cute too!
    Love Collette x