19 May 2012

Lovely Liberty

Hello there!
I hope you have had a great week....the weekend will soon be here & hopefully you will get a wee bit of stitching squeezed in somewhere along the way! My week has gone by in a haze of dentist visits, painkillers & smoothies...yes, my mouth is now full of somewhat unsightly pieces of metal... At my age I know you'd think I would have more sense, but I am very self conscious about my teeth  (actually about my face in general to be honest) so hopefully after a year of slushy food & continuous teeth brushing, I'll have, at least, a less crooked smile! (BTW, if you're going to the FQ Retreat I'll be the one trying to stitch with one hand over my mouth!!)
Anyway, in between all of this, I managed to complete a wee challenge the lovely Nova set me a while ago. She is hosting a Liberty Scrap Challenge with the Organic Stitch Company & there are some great tutorials & stitchy projects for you to try here. Anyway, Nova sent me 2 fat eighths of liberty loveliness from Jo's shop & I came up with this:
I showed you the pouch last week, but here it is again with my grandmothers dressmaking book in the background which gave me the original idea..
The fabric was so beautiful & soft.... so I made these notebooks with some of the leftovers
The wee labels were the ones I printed out last week with freezer paper & stamps...

They were so nice to make (although I was pretty dosed with painkillers at the time... so the stitching may not be the straightest!!), I even had enough wee snippets to do this applique card
If you get a free moment, do drop by the Liberty Scrap Challenge to see some of the other lovely Liberty projects that folk have come up with. I'm off to take some more tablets, but I'll be back tomorrow with a tutorial on how to make the pouch & the notelet
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Take care


  1. Good luck with the braces. I've had them twice...once when I was 12, and then again when I was 19. The best advice I can give you is to WEAR YOUR RETAINER!!!!!!

    Those notebooks are darling. I especially like the spool of thread.

  2. Very pretty! I never got the braces I was meant to have as I went to live in Canada for a year (don't ask!), so I just have wonky teeth

  3. I think you are very brave to get a brace. Good for you. But the comment about the face I don't believe because from your photo I have always thought you were beautiful - on the inside and the out.

    The notebooks are almost as gorgeous as you!

  4. Lovely notebooks - and we'll be comparing your smiles next year when the braces are off!

  5. These are lovely! I love notebooks ... never can have enought :)

  6. Lovely notebooks :-) Very brave of you with the braces... I'm terrified of the dentist, I cant imagine going voluntarily...lol

  7. Good luck with the braces! I love all your Liberty makes - they're gorgeous!

  8. oooh, your notebooks are beautiful and I love that little pouch!

  9. love those notebooks. Hope the painkillers are doing their job!

  10. Fabulous Liberty makes!
    Good luck with the braces - it'll be worth it! My son has just had his off after nearly 3 years and his teeth are beautiful!

  11. Very cute. I love Liberty and my sample swap thingies will be made with some Liberty fabrics.