31 May 2012

Last Minute Madness

Hello there!
I hope you have been having a great week! Here on the North Coast I've been trying to (frantically) get organised for the Fat Quarterly Retreat which takes place this weekend in London.
I'm really looking forward to meeting some folks who have become great bloggy friends, making some new friends & learning a thing or two about sewing at the same time! There's a wee linky party going on on the fat quarterly blog & so, for those of you who have just dropped in from the FQ link, you're very welcome! My name is Karen & probably one of the worst organised people you will meet this weekend!
I have nothing packed yet, about 4 loads of washing to iron, meals to organise for hungry teenagers while I'm away & a passport to find! But, at least I've got my priorities in the right place... I got these sample swap notebooks finished
Here's a wee peek inside the London bus ones...
I also managed to finish my name badge:
But that's about it as far as my preparation goes.....I told you I was disorganised! I'll probably be up most of the night doing things I probably should have done long before now (like finishing a backpack I've been working on with the wonderful Summersville fabrics!)
Sorry to keep this short & sweet, but I'll be back on Monday with more news & tales from London
Hope you have a great weekend (& FQR folks see you soon!)
Take care


  1. See you there!

  2. Ya'll make me want to move to Europe so I can go to this retreat! I love your swap notebooks - they're so darn adorable!!


  3. Have a good flight with your packed bag! See you there. Di x

  4. I've not packed either. Glad Hadley is far enough away not to slap some sense into me.

  5. Have a great time Karen! You'll get there, most organised or not, and have a fantastic time!

  6. Have a lovely time! x

  7. Enjoy the weekend in London! This will be great fun and I hope to see lots of pics from all of you!

  8. Love the notebooks and the badge!! Have a great weekend!
    P.S. Nicky's a bit of a last minute Joe, too - you'll get on like a house on fire!!

  9. I love me a bit of last minute panic too - and it's not deliberate! The notebooks and name badge are adorable! Have a great time in London.


  10. Hey Helen just tell everyone? It is true though!