18 June 2012

Fathers Day (fatigue!)

Hello there!
I hope you had a great weekend... did you have a nice Father's Day yesterday?
I must admit I'm shattered!! Because my parents live close by, Fathers Day is a big thing in our house.... lots of food & chat (which I love) ... but the downside is I seem to have spent all weekend on it - either sewing, cooking or cleaning up!!! I'm embarrassed to say I didn't get the quilt finished for my husband - but  he got lots of lovely gifts from the children, so is happy to wait for his birthday in July to get it. 
I did however, manage to make something for my dad... 
A few months ago I gave him a camera with a case, but he keeps on loosing the charger leads & bits & pieces - so this wee bag will keep them all together for him. I love this Echino fabric!
He travels quite a bit, so I used fusible fleece to give the camera a bit of protection when he packs it in his suitcase. 
For this week I have set myself only one goal (seeing as I failed miserably on last weeks list!)
So I'd better get on with it!
Hope you have a great week & accomplish at least one stitchy thing :)


  1. Love that little camera bag. Glad you had a good, albeit busy, weekend.

  2. Your camera bag is perfect in every way! I love what you did with the ends of the ties! I bet your dad loved it, too!

  3. Lovely! The fabric with the camera looks perfect.

  4. Lovel bag K - I am incapable of finishing anything at the moment!

  5. What a super bag! Fabulous gift for your papa!

  6. Cunning plan with the wee bag!

  7. Good idea as it is always the chargers that get tangled up or misplaced. Di x

  8. No doubt what belongs in there! Lucky Dad!

  9. This is brilliant... Ps I sent u an email.. Did u get it?? Fi x