23 January 2012

{no sew} Sunday

Hello there!
Hope you had a great weekend! Although Saturdays in the Hamilton household are completely crazy, our Sundays always follow the same format....
Rowing run with Angus (he's the first one facing you)
Church & then Sunday lunch:
Yummy deserts:
A visit from granny & grandpa (& seriously competitive game of Chinese Checkers!!)
Persuading Hannah to do some revision (or is she on facebook????)
Selecting a nice bottle of wine
And chilling out.....
If you like the look of the desert, its called Eton Mess... its super quick & easy to make & super delicious....

250 mls whipping cream
50g meringue nests/ meringues
250g strawberries 
  1. Whip the cream to a soft peak stage (not too much as it thickens when you get to step 2)
  2. Crumble the meringue into approx 1/2" chunks (not too fine or it will disappear) & fold into the cream
  3. Hull the strawberries, set aside some for decoration & mash the rest slightly with a fork & fold into the cream mixture
  4. Spoon into individual glasses / glass bowl & decorate with remaining strawberries
  5. Serve relatively soon as the meringue will start to disintegrate
That's it! You can substitute the strawberries for whatever soft fruit you fancy....my favourite is raspberries & a wee sprinkling of grated dark chocolate.....mmmm
Hope you all have a great week!
Take care


  1. Looks like a perfect Sunday - and yet another wonderful photo of McGinty! P.S. Love your pinny!

  2. Ah your boy is the stroke, obviously very responsible. I was always bow, lurking at the back away from the cox, well, when I wasn't BEING the cox ;o) Dessert looks like the perfect thing to come back to!

  3. I love eton mess and its great with frozen red berry fruit which we have lots of here from last summer :O)