30 January 2012

Feasting & friendships

Hello there!
Hope you have had a good weekend & your week has started off well. I had a lovely weekend which started with a wonderful birthday tea prepared by Hannah. Our 13 year old was in charge of photos, so he took lots of this: 
Its a patchwork pincushion cake - isn't it incredible?
I love the buttons...
Underneath it was the most gorgeous carrot cake (which sadly didn't last too long!) Thanks so much to the super-talented Ben from Contemporary Cakes
On Saturday I managed to squeeze in a wee bit of sewing for that crazy mouthy stitches lot! I really want to make something special for my partner, so I came up with this as a first attempt...
I love curved pouches & my partner said they would like a flat-bottomed one - so I'm hoping she will like this design....
I just had enough time on Sunday to finish this wee house before we went off to some lovely friends for lunch
They always make us feel so welcome.... so hopefully this wee gift is an appropriate way to say thankyou ML & A for a very special friendship
Speaking of friendships I have got something special lined up for February.... so if you have a moment, drop by on Wednesday to hear more....
Hope you have a great day!
Take care


  1. Happy birthday! Your pouch looks lovely, the red zip is great. Have you seen the free dumpling pouch tutorial at Keyka Lou or is that what you're using?


  2. I had a birthday on Saturday. Hope yours was wonderful! (That is a great cake!!!)

  3. What a GREAT cake! And the little pouch is perfect! Inspires me to make one too!

  4. Oh my that cake is wonderful. And I love everything about your little pouch - hope it might be for me?

  5. Amazing cake! And I love the cute pouch, especially the flash of bunting. Jxo

  6. Look at that CAKE! Awesome! Your pouch looks fabulous. I'd love a cutie like that :)

  7. hope you had a great birthday Karen, love the cake, love the pouch and the house you did is a lovely gift

  8. I love the patchwork cake! and the pouch with a curved top is great! Your own pattern??

  9. Ooh, that cake looks fab, no wonder the 13 year old was focussed on it lol Love your wee pouch too, and fab friendship pressie.

  10. Amazing cake and a wonderful pouch! And Happy (belated!) birthday!

  11. Lovely pouch and FANTASTIC cake! Congrats on your birthday.