1 July 2012

A Momentous June

Hello there
I hope your week has been going well..... Thanks so much to all of you who sent me such lovely blogiversary wishes - I really enjoyed hearing from each one, so many thanks again... If you haven't already entered for the June giveaway, please do by clicking here ....
As I sit here in front of the fire (YES, THE FIRE IS LIT....its the end of June & its so cold we have a lovely fire crackling in the hearth....) But anyway, I was thinking how momentous this June has been for our country with the Queen's Jubilee. But for me, it was also a momentous month for family & friendships.... 
Here are some of the highlights:
The FAT QUARTERLY RETREAT in London was wonderful - a fantastic weekend to meet & laugh with bloggy friends ...& maybe get a wee bit of stitching done too!
I managed (just at the very last minute) get this backpack finished with some wonderful Summersville fabrics
The Olympic Torch arrived in town & my two lovely boys (& the rowing coach) were there to help receive it!!
My wonderful daughter finished her school years....
It seems that only a wee while ago she had her first day in a tiny school house in Scotland
How the years have flown by!!
Fathers Day included some more stitching
McGinty became a model (at the request of a local photographer I might add!!)
And in between all this & the exam (GCSE & A level) trials & tribulations & trying to avoid the rain, I made this sunshine tote for someone in our do. Good Stitches Circle
So a few stitchy things done & some still to do... Here's (some of) my plans for July
You might notice a lot of hand sewing over the next couple of weeks!! I'm wondering what you all will be up to.... Well, no matter what your plans are for July I wish you all a great month, filled with lots of stitchy creativity & birdsong!
Take care


  1. Lovely family. :) What breed of dog is McGinty? I love the bag.

  2. You June sounds lovely, June seems to always be consumed by the kids and your group look great.

  3. what an eventful month! Congratulations on surviving exam season. I hope the weather improves (it's pretty awful down here in London too!)

  4. Oooh - do I spy mini hexagons? Love your round up of your year - especially your beautiful Summerville bag

  5. June brought a lot of 'dos' and 'makes'. Thank goodness exam season is over. Now it is university open days....*groan*. Di x

  6. Fire? It is summer. Ok, here it is cold too but with a little sunshine we can leave the fire and go under beautiful quilts *gg*

    the pics are so gorgeous! It was a brilliant month for you and your family!

  7. Great month, I particularly love the fact that McGinty became a model, obviously the main achievement of the month :oD

  8. That was a momentous month for you for sure!

  9. Glad to see June was a good month for you and wishing the same for July.

  10. Great month for your family! Love you plan for July!

  11. Oooh - you could try this tutorial for those lovely mini hexagons...


  12. What a great month! I particularly love the photo of McGinty!!!

  13. Awesome, awesome bag! What a lucky bee buddy!