16 March 2012

An Irish Road Trip {part 2}: Seaside Stitching

Hello there!
Its lovely to have you call back again &, before I do anything else, please forgive me for the lateness of this post... unfortunately I've succumbed to the coughs & splutters of spring & as I write I've a box of tissues to my right & a cup of hot elder flower cordial to my left....But enough of that & back to our road trip...
So to-day I thought I would share with you a little bit about life here in the very North of Ireland: a place where it is often wild, wet or windy (or all three together!), 
The White Rocks, Portrush
where we live surrounded by incredible beauty & ancient history
...where tradition & creativity are bound together by inspiration
Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway Quilting
Where the kettle is always on,  & friendships last for a lifetime 
& families times are precious...
Welcome to my wee corner of this beautiful country!
I'd love for you to share something of this part of the world with me, so I've designed a wee bag for you which is made up of four petals, just like the clover leaves....
Here is the pattern:
I hope you enjoy it!
I'm off now to find some more tea, but if you are able, come back soon when we will be going a little further south on our Irish Road Trip..
Take care


  1. I too have succumbed to the snuffles! I have a box of tissues on one side and a glass of (medicinal) damson gin on the other!
    I'm enjoying your road trip - my youngest is hoping to come to Belfast uni in the Autumn!
    I love the bag! thanks for the pattern!!

  2. Hope you are feeling better, Maybe a hot whiskey might help! Looking forward to the road trip

  3. Oh, Ireland! One of the places hat I would like to visit soon. I studied those basaltic columns at university (I am a geologist)and hope to see them in person one day.
    Thank you for the tutorial, the bg is very pretty.

  4. The bag looks great.....and clover fabric too. We are off to our local village pub tomorrow to celebrate St Patrick's Day - It's quite a celebration in Cornwall too.

  5. So sorry you're poorly K! Get snuggled under a lovely quilt and lots of honey & lemon. Jxo

  6. Cute wee bag! Hope you feel better soon. Tomorrow I'll be cheering on the rugby - St Patrick's Day at Twickers though, that was cruel!

  7. Get well soon. I'm enjoying the road trip and it is nice to see some of the north coast (my hubby comes from your neck of the woods). Di xo

  8. Beautiful pictures...I'm SO jealous. Visiting Ireland is one of the most important things on my bucket list. I have strong Irish genes that are mourning to be in the land of shamrocks and leprechans. =)


  9. Nice bag, and great photos! Hope you are feeling better soon.