18 November 2011

Headless Chicken Fever!

Hello there!
I'm just taking a wee break from last minute packing to say a quick hello! I'm so sorry I haven't had the opportunity to blog for a day or two, but on Sunday & Monday I was here:
Cardiff was so beautiful!
On Tuesday I flew home from here:
On Wednesday & Thursday I was here:
 Glasgow was friendly but wet!
And this evening we are off to Dublin here:
 The next time you here from me I will be here:
No wonder I am running around like a headless chicken!!
Thank you to every one of you who have made blocks for Kind Stitches Quilts.. I am off now to pack them in my suitcase...
Thanks for stopping by & apologies if this seemed like a geography lesson!
Take care


  1. May you and your husband find joy and laughter on your trip, and best of luck spreading your care and compassion. It is a fine thing that you do.

  2. Have a great trip, so in awe of you - take care xxx

  3. You don't half get about girl! Go safely! Jxo

  4. Have a safe trip - I'll be thinking of you while you're away and I hope McGinty doesn't miss you too much x

  5. goodness! have a fantastic trip! want to pop over to galway after dublin? :)
    how's packing coming along?

  6. sawadeeca!!
    safe journey Karen ;-)
    take care & lotsa loving kindness xox

  7. Ahh, we're often friendly but soggy... Have a great trip!