21 January 2012

Car Seat Cozy

Hello there!
Have you been having a good week? Its been hectic here, but great all at the same time.... I finished this wee car seat cozy for little baby Caleb who arrived safe & sound a couple of weeks ago:
He's a very precious baby to some dear friends of ours. I used some Denise Schmidt fabric....
The cozy has a lovely soft fleece backing & I didn't want to spoil the coziness, so I only quilted about every 2" or so...
So welcome little Caleb - hope this keeps you warm & cozy!
I hope you all have a great weekend... I'm nervously awaiting news from the mouthy stitches mamas &, in between drop-offs & pick-ups, hopefully McGinty & I will get a chance for another beach walk
Have a lovely weekend & if you get a chance, listen to those birds sing!
Take care


  1. If your wind's anything like ours, I hope you and McGinty don't get blown away when you get to the beach!

  2. Lovely blanket - rather jealous!!

    Hang on to your hat, we are almost ready!!! (This evening, if all goes to plan) xxx

  3. Lovely, snuggly blankie K! Great gift idea! Jxo

  4. Oh good grief that dog does look sad! "I've been left here, and no-one loves me"

  5. love all those colours in the quilt

  6. Hi Karen glad to see mcgintys hair is growing back the little cover is beautiful I'm sure it will be loved

  7. Oh Mcginty is beautiful! Love the cozy blanket - precious fabrics for a precious babe.

  8. That McGinty is so cute!
    Your Caleb Cozie looks so nice and warm and soft. What a great idea!

  9. Love the cosy blanket and McGinty looks so handsome!