30 September 2011

Rainy Day Blues

Hello There!
To-day began pretty miserabley, rain, rain & more rain... while the rest of the UK basks in glorious sunshine, this was the view from my sewing machine:
Not even a glimpse of the sun!

But then things started looking a bit brighter when the postman arrived with some wonderful goodies... The first delight came all the way from Morocco from Anabella, one of my goodie swap partners:
Its so funny, but that wee basket was something that I really, really liked when I saw it on the flickr photos, so I was totally delighted to receive it! Already it has pride of place on my sewing table, providing a gorgeous new home for my camera & leads etc. which I'm forever loosing... Thanks so very, very much Anabella!
The second parcel came from the Czech Republic from a friend who's sewing I have admired (alas from afar) in each of the swaps I've done:
This mug rug is wonderful & perfectly sewn... I was so thrilled to get this as I live a couple of miles from the beaches of Northern Ireland. 
So Dianne thank you very, very much... this is what you could see from my parents house yesterday:
It is very pretty, but no lovely, happy beach houses in sight unfortunately!
The THIRD parcel came from the wonderful Cindy, the Goodie Swap mama who had made some blocks  for the Kind Stitches Bee... aren't they gorgeous!

Thanks so much Cindy, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness! For those of you who have missed the details, I am making non-wadded quilts for a children's shelter in Pattaya, Thailand which I will be working in in November as part of a medical team. The children in the shelter have all been rescued from sex trafficking (please check out this blog post for further details). Thank you very much all of you who have already contacted me, but if you would like to make some blocks here are the details of the same ones Cindy did:
If you'd like to know more, check out our flick'r group  Kind Stitches or drop me a wee line - I'd love to hear from you!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend... this is what I'll be up to:
Take care!


  1. Sorry about the rain, but great consolation prizes tho!!

  2. So that's where Di's beach huts went! Two gorgeous swap parcels :-) And oh my, I'm really loving the look of your diamond project! Is that an argyle in Hopdot?

  3. you received some fabulous things yesterday then! I did really love the beach hut mug rug and Annabella falling book mug rug. Two more to cross off my list that arn't coming to me then!

  4. Fabulous post - I love the beach huts and the basket!

  5. Look at you, lucky girl :) What great goodie swap packages!!!
    I'm so glad you like the blocks I sent up. I'm surprised they took so long, but am glad they arrived happily....

  6. Lucky girl! The beach mug rug is gorgeaus, i love the little sun, it makes me smile.

  7. Glad you like it! It was hard to part with it - we are hundreds of miles from the sea!

  8. Oh, trust me, Scotland wasn't basking lol 3 days of marginally warmer grey days, and now it's been persisting down for nearly 24 hours!

    Gorgeous goodies anyway :o) Also love that coastline, haven't been in a couple of years though

  9. That`s weird - I`m sure I`m following you but didn`t see this post (but perhaps I`m not?!) and I was just wondering whether you had received your MR and had a quick look at the flikr group as I haven`t had a chance over the last couple of days and saw your photo. So glad you are happy with your goodies and I love that view from your sewing room - sun or rain!